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Nails: Welcome

Manicure and Pedicures 

Full manicure                          £20
Deluxe manicure                    £30
Mini manicure                        £15
Full pedicure                          £22
Deluxe pedicure                    £30
Mini pedicure                        £15

Shellac Nails

Shellac is a hybrid of traditional nail polish and uv gel polish, suitable for fingers and toes.
The polish cures/dries under a uv lamp. There is no buffing or damage to the natural nails.

Shellac file & paint                                         £20

Shellac manicure                                            £27

Shellac pedicure                                             £28

Soak off & mini manicure/pedicure              £20

Soaking off gels, redo shellac manicure       £31

Nails: List

Treats for your feet

Foot Microdermabrasion

This will remove all the dead skin from your feet, 
leaving them looking and feeling super soft. 


Foot Massage


Nails: Image
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